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Atomic Tomb - KA BOOM!

Spanning over 3 decades, Atomic Tomb has entertained and provided great rock’n roll music for their fans. In 2001 they received recognition of their talent with a certified Gold Record commemorating the sale of over 50,000 units. After a brief hiatus that band is back with a few new members but even deadlier than before.


This captivatingly provocative rock and roll band from Toronto is made up five members consisting of Axel Tomb lead vocals, Gary Glynn on Drums, Tommy Gunn on Guitar, Corrado Bartolo on Bass and Ron Bechard on Guitar. Amazing entertainers that always give it their all, leaving you rejuvenated yet wanting more after every performance. This electrifying eclectic band is full of creative chemistry and will deliver you a musical performance to remember.

Now this may all seem like normal banter of a typical rock and roll band but there is nothing really normal about Atomic Tomb. Lets start off with Axel the lead singer.


When they are not performing to adoring crowds the band is hard at work practicing and improving their craft. The band has performed at local venues across Canada and continues to do so as they gear up for the upcoming release of a new album. 

After branching out to work on separate projects a few years ago, they are back together again and are ready to play and perform great music. Currently working on a new album with eight songs in the mix, the band is looking to see some great success with the new project.

They recently performed at North by North east festival to a great and energizing crowd and has played in places like Oshawa and Toronto to name a few. The band influences have typically ranged from the 70s up to this day and they are still establishing their proper footing. This Rock and Roll band are a must see band, come see what the hype is all about at anyone of their next performances. Stay up to date with tour dates and more on their social media pages.