Corrado Bartolo

Music has always been a part of me for most of my life, in the late 1970’s weddings always had live bands, sitting on the stage, usually on the bass player side, I loved that feeling of my insides just rumbling.


In 1984 I saved up enough money that summer to go and buy my first bass guitar, playing that thing till it hurt everyday was a pleasure, getting together with friends to just screw around and learning our instruments those first couple of years were just awesome.


Joining my first real band, Erotic Regime in 1986 was the start of my detication of a lifetime for me. From there till now I have played with many bands from metal, rock, rockabilly, blues, punk, anything that made me move. Some of these bands were New Lagacy, Sloe Likk, Symphony Grind, Rob & The Rockets, Mayhem Deluxe, Raw Dog which in turn became Atomic Tomb!


I’ve also had the pleasure of playing with a few players who are well respected in the music scene in Toronto, Steve Stergiu from The Cosmic Saints and The Viltones, Steve Saint of The Sinisters, Marcel La Fleur of Arson and of course the guys in Atomic Tomb!


I’ve had the pleasure of playing in a lot of places in Canada, I enjoy playing live for people and the feedback they give back more than anything. My life now is at a stage where all is good,


Atomic Tomb is a solid fit for me and Axel, Tom, Ron and Gary are just amazing friends, band mates, great musicians and all around great guys!