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Axel Tomb

Axel was born February 20, in Germany and lived there with his grandparents until the age of 4. He then came to Canada to meet the rest of his family. At the age of 18 he formed his first band called the Sickies. Axel attended GCI in Cambridge and that’s where he met his band mates and became The Sickies. This was the dawn of punk rock and me and the boys would go to Toronto and check out the new bands on the weekends. There was really only one place in Kitchener they could play called the back door and that’s where Axel first met Tommy Gunn.


He went on to play with the Sickies till 1984 and then dropped out due to the usual chaotic use of drugs and booze. Axel played with The Dice for a while then took a hiatus from band life. During this time he rented a house on the west end of town and Tommy ended up moving in with him and they laid the foundation for their first CD. Axel met a girl and moved with her to Manhattan where he started to make a product he called metaleather. Axel would go on to do that for almost 20 years. After he lived in Manhattan for almost a year Tommy called me and told me that the song we had written called Baghdad sunrise was doing really well on the college radio station. Being entertainment is the first love of my life I came back to the city to join a band that Tommy had started called Shock Candy. We called it Through the Looking Glass at first and then changed that to Shock Army. We recorded our first CD together called .................

  After a couple of years the band broke up due to bad management and we went our own ways.


   I played in a couple of different bands then and it was during this time I met Ronnie. Tommy came back into my life and the three of us formed the original Atomic Tomb Band with a different rhythm section in 1997. We went on to play for a couple of years and recorded “Easy Life in a Super  Trench”. Once again heavy indulgence of substances and little finances broke the bands’ stamina.


Tommy and I ended up getting back together at the beginning of the 21st-century and this is when Corrado who was playing with Tommy at the time became our bass player. We had another short stint with a band called Raw Dog and recorded a CD called “Bite Me”.  I would have to say this band broke apart due to bummer drummers.


   In 2014 Atomic Tomb was reborn when Tommy and I came together at a viletones gig and oddly enough Ian Blurton was playing guitar who is now our engineer and producer.


    After going through a few drummer’s we struck paydirt when I advertised for a hard-hitting drummer and Gary came along. He had played in the punk error with a band called arson and ended up being a perfect match. After a stretch of discontent with our second guitarist I thought I’d take a chance and call Ronnie and see what he was up to. Kaboom, he was in and so here we are now again. Having recorded our second CD “Sons of the Empire”  we are presently working on and almost finished our third cd. Stay tuned and I’ll give you her name soon